Coffee- He refreshes my soul

Life Can Get Crazy Sometimes…It’s Time to Wake Up!

Coffee- He refreshes my soul

It was my intention to blog.  It really was.  Then life kind of threw some things my way like it usually does and I felt so wiped out, I couldn’t even think.  Have you ever felt that way?  I know for a fact that God placed this blog into my hands and to not have words to say, kind of didn’t make sense to me.  I realized what happened.  All of the things that were on my plate, homeschooling our two children, helping care for my mother, caring for my family, being co-admin of a homeschool group, maintaining two blogs and trying to figure out which would get handled first, took the place of and whittled away at my time with my Lord.  Did I intend that to happen?  Not at all.  I realized why I had no words.

I wasn’t in His Word.

I had overextended myself so much that I forgot what and WHO was most important.  The reason why I am blessed to wake up every morning and do what I do every day.  I realized that all the stress I was feeling was because I was trying to handle everything on my own, in my own time, trying to come up with answers on my own.  What a mistake!  The worst part is that I know that when I am out of step with my relationship with God, everything else fails…miserably.

So, this was my wake-up call.  I am so thankful that God is still there and waiting for me, even when I hit the snooze button over and over again.  I love my morning cup of coffee, but I need the Lord so much more.  A piping cup of hazelnut coffee may taste great and warm me up inside, but the Lord fills my soul and gives me everything I need to make it through this thing we call life.  He needs to come first before ANYTHING else.

As you start this new week, think about what kind of wake up call God has for you.  I’d love to hear about it!

Have a glorious and blessed week ahead and remember, don’t hit that snooze button.  It’s time to WAKE UP!  God is waiting for you.

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