Are You a Reactor?

PRAY FIRST(1)Did you look at that image and say to yourself, “Oh yeah. That’s why I did this or didn’t do that!”.

Yup. That would be me. guilty as charged. I tend to do that alot, react. I’d like to take the easy way and out and say that is how God made me, and in a sense, I think that might be partially true. But, I think the bigger reason I react is because that’s all I have ever known to do. I’m not sure why, but just because I’ve always been that way, doesn’t mean I always have to be that way.

A great example of someone who doesn’t react immediately is my husband. This weekend we celebrate 11 years together and I can tell you that my quick reacting has led to alot of interesting discussions. Sometimes my quick reactions are good, sometimes they cause grief.

My hubby is totally not a quick reactor. If we are having an important discussion, he will listen and think. And think some more. He’ll even want to wait to answer until he has thought and prayed about it. That is SO not me! In fact, that type of behavior drives me crazy. I mean, if you’re always thinking or praying about what to do or say, then how do you have a normal conversation? I’ve never quite been comfortable with that, but I guess it’s a good thing we are so opposite because life would certainly be boring if we were the same. Unless he was just like me, then life would be fabulous! HAHA! Actually, I think I would probably drive myself up the wall if I had to listen to me all day long. πŸ™‚

I’ve come to realize in the past day, after a big smack in the face by my loving God, that my way of reacting might not be the best way to handle situations in my life. When I react quickly, there is a good chance I am reacting to any given feeling, at any given moment. My judgment may be clouded by whatever I am feeling. I may make decisions that might not be the best ones and might be decisions I regret. Reacting quickly also allows Satan to weasel his way into my mind and blur my vision. It’s like in the midst of my reaction, he pulls a shade down over my eyes so I’m not seeing things as clearly as I could be. In times like that, when I am in hyper-feeling mode, it’s not the time to make a decision or say something just because I can. This blog is called Guard the Door for a reason. we are supposed to guard the door of our heart, mouth and mind. In reactionary mode, the guard is down and the door is open to the enemy.

Right at that moment is when I need to stop. I need to allow God to step in, kick that enemy to the curb and get on my knees and pray. I don’t need to think things over, because that gets me in trouble. I need to PRAY. And not just pray a little. I need to pray alot. I need to seek the guidance of the One who created me and knows me inside and out, good, bad, and ugly.

It’s taken me 11 years to realize that my husband and my godly family and friends are correct in what they do and what they advise. I need to be a little more like them and a little less like me. I need to seek God above all and seek Him first. One of my favorite verses is from Matthew:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

So how about you? Are you a reactor or are you like my husband? I would love to hear what you think and if you have struggled at times with reacting too quickly and not seeking God first.



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