How to Find Your Authentic Self: Lost & Found

How to Find Your Authentic Self

When you look in the mirror, do you feel like you are staring at someone you don’t know anymore?

When you’re asked to describe yourself on a questionnaire or maybe on your social media profile, can you even answer?

Have you morphed into someone the world wants you to be and you ask yourself how you got to that point?

Do you long for the person who you used to be?

Do you even know who the real you is anymore?

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The real you is still there. She’s just buried beneath the layers of years of pain, hard experiences, and challenging times. You may not feel like she still exists, but she does. She is just waiting to be given the ok by YOU to join the present world.

If you feel like you are lost, with no hope of ever finding your authentic self again, join me for my new series on How to Find Your Authentic Self. Each week, I will offer some suggestions and ideas on how you can reclaim your identity and be exactly who God intended you to be. You’re amazing!

I hope you will join me on this journey to your authentic self. I think you might really like who you find at the end!






  • Jeanni

    Thanks for visiting! I completely agree with you. My family loves to travel and it really does help to leave the day in, day out issues that come up. It also makes you more aware of the bigger world outside of your own. Sometimes we can only see what is directly in front of us, but take us out of that environment and our eyes are opened.

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