Book Review: Mom Essentials by Kasey Johnson

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Kasey Johnson definitely has a way with words, or maybe it’s that God has a way with using her words. Either way, her newest book, Mom Essentials, touched me in ways I never anticipated. I guess it was God’s way of reaching me right where I am-like He always does!

I’d like you to hear from Kasey what led her to write this book and why she feels it is so important. If you are a mom, I think her words will resonate with you. Please view the video and then I’ll give you my thoughts and a-ha moments!

Does that sound like something you need, dear friends?  I know, it definitely sounds like something I need. Desperately. I often find myself struggling to figure out how I will make it through the day with caring for two children under 9, homeschooling, caring for my husband, mother and my two blogs. Did you notice what was missing?

My time with God.

Yup. There it is. In black and white. In the course of my day, is my time with God always an essential, or does it become one extra thing to check off my list, and sometimes one that never gets checked off? How wrong is that?


And that is exactly where Kasey starts her book…right where it should. With God.

Mom Essentials is broken up into different themes which outline what are called the 10 Essentials. These essentials provide the framework for living out God’s plan for us, in the midst of our sometimes crazy lives.

If the word balance is something that you strive for, but feel is not attainable, you need to read this book! This is not a book that you will just quickly read and then place it on the shelf. Mom Essentials is meant as a study. Ideally, it would be awesome if this book could be used with a group of your closest friends, but I know sometimes that is difficult to make happen. You can definitely read and complete this study on your own, but I suggest you take your time with it and really allow the words to penetrate your soul. Like it did with me. I am finding that I want to go back and re-read the book and pray over the words. There was so much in this book that I needed to hear and through Kasey’s words, God’s love practically jumped out of the pages!

I was touched by some specific passages in Mom Essentials and I wrote them down so I could make sure to share them with you!

During a section about pain, Kasey stated,

“In these moments our pain is real, but our weakness isn’t stronger than our Savior’s promise to strengthen and uphold us.”

What a reminder that no matter what we are going through, no matter what the valley looks like, no matter how high that mountain in front of us seems, our Savior is already there. He’s at the top of the mountain waiting for our outstretched hand. He will ALWAYS help us through.

I was also gently reminded what I already felt. My role as a mother and homeschooler is not just something I am or something I do. It is MY own personal mission field. We all have our own mission fields, though I never would have thought to call it that. As a co-admin of a large homeschool group, I am often asked why my husband and I chose to homeschool. Many people don’t get it, but that’s the thing. They don’t need to. It was a calling. It is my mission field to homeschool our children and to also minister to other homeschooling moms. It’s not something I chose. It was something my husband and I discerned was best for our family and what we were called by God to do.

And now the biggie for me. This was something my husband and I have been talking about for the last few weeks. Technology can be a life-sucker and Kasey devotes a whole section to it. Obviously, you are reading this, which means you are on some sort of technology. It’s just how life is these days. As a blogger, my laptop and phone have become like a third child that needs to be tended to. There’s only one problem. I have two REAL children and one husband who need my time more than my blogs do. As I read the words Kasey wrote, I had to read them out loud to my husband.

The day technology has more time with my child than I do is the day I’ve relinquished my influence and impact on my child’s life.

Ouch. That one hurt. We already limit their screen time, but there definitely have been days when they have had more time with Angry Birds, than with my husband or me. And what the time we spend on technology? When I spend endless hours working on my blog when I could be playing with my children or listening to their stories, I am not only missing time, I am limiting the impact of my very existence in their lives.

That needs to stop. Now.

So, have I said enough to peak your interest? Has some of what I shared, made you feel like things need to change? I hope so!

Please do not wait to pick up a copy of Mom Essentials by Kasey Johnson. I truly believe that God will use this book to bring you into a closer relationship with Him and allow you to understand in a deeper way, your role as a mother.

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A little bit about Kasey!

Kasey Johnson is learning daily how to ignore the extras in life and focus on the essentials. As an educator, author, speaker, blogger, wife and mother, Kasey understands the balancing act we sustain as mothers. Visit her blog,, to learn more about her ministry and feel free to follow her on Twitter @smartmommas.


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