Day 12- Love Lets the Other Win

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests others. 
Philippians 2:4

My husband and I don’t really fight.  We never have, but we do have some pretty good disagreements.  Most of the time they stem from misunderstandings or one of us wanting to have their voice heard, or their opinion valued.  I am not one to back down at all.  I have firmly held that great communication is when both sides are talking.  The only problem is that my husband is the type who likes to think about what he is going to say.  That drives me crazy when it is something major (or I think is major) that needs to be discussed.  Is it like that way in your house?

But what if what is being discussed is something that you could choose to back down on?  I have learned that sometimes the best thing to do is to pick my battles.  If it is something that is really important, possibly having to do with the children, then I won’t back down.  On other things, is it really worth standing my ground just to feel like I am right?  No.  Are their patterns to your behavior?  Are there times when you are willing to let your spouse “win” for the sake of keeping a sane household?

Today’s dare.

Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse.  Tell them you are putting their preference first.

At the end of the day, answer these questions:

1. What issue did you choose?

2. What did giving in cost you?

3.  How will this help you in the future?

Congratulations! You have completed Day 12! Tomorrow’s dare is Love Fights Fair.

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