Faithful Friday: What It Means to Be Fireproof

#Fireproof #Quote It is Faithful Friday again!

A movie that my husband and I saw a few years ago called Fireproof, had a huge impact on our lives. With every marriage there are hills and valleys, and we were definitely in a valley. We didn’t see the movie when it first hit theaters, but we definitely had heard wonderful things about it. If you are married, or thinking about getting married, or in a relationship, I highly suggest you watch this movie, together with your partner. It really opens your eyes. So, today I thought I would pay homage to one of my first pins I created for this blog and re-do it. My pin of the Fireproof quote is one of the most popular pins I have ever had. It shows me that this quote resonates with people. If it does the same for you, please feel free to share it with someone who may need to hear it.

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