Family-Friendly Entertainment Everyone Can Enjoy: Pure Flix

I was given a free trial subscription in exchange for a completely honest review. I only review products and services that I feel would be beneficial to my readers.

If you are a subscriber of a video-streaming service, I am sure you have noticed one thing. Some of the content is definitely not what you would want your children to see. I know I have. There may be loads of awesome content on there, but even some of the “kid-friendly” choices are not what you might consider acceptable. That is especially true if you are raising your child with Christian values. So, what is a parent to do?

I recently was introduced to a new video-streaming service called Pure Flix. The mission of Pure Flix is that it strives to be the most trusted family-friendly, Christian video-streaming source on the web.” After viewing the content that is available, I have to say that I definitely feel they are on target with their mission. Their hope is that the entertainment they provide via the subscription service will be fun, entertaining, inspirational, and educational.

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for new and appropriate content that I can use for lessons. What I love about  is that it offers titles that I have never seen anywhere else, except maybe in a Christian bookstore. As a one income family, buying dvds is not something in our monthly budget. With a monthly subscription to Pure Flix for less than the price of one dvd a month, you can have access to an abundance of family-friendly entertainment. My favorite series is called The Torchlighters: Heroes of Faith. Each video tells the story of a great person in history, but focuses on their faith. It is an incredible learning tool, especially if you homeschool! Right now, Pure Flix is available for streaming online via a computer or digital tv with web browsing capability, or the new Roku channel. A Wii application is in development and will possibly be available sometime in December or January.

Want to watch a movie for family movie night, but you are worried about picking a movie where you might have to cover your child’s ears or eyes at some point? If you have Pure Flix, you don’t have to be on guard at all. Just sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and pick from any of the great movies now showing on Pure Flix! Right now, there is a really good movie called The Last Brickmaker starring screen legend, Sidney Poitier. I highly recommend it.

Here’s a quick look at what the interface looks like:

The details about a subscription to Pure Flix:

Less than $2 a week for Faith & Family Videos

  • Monthly – $10.99 USD
    Less than the cost of a new DVD
  • Annual – $99.99 USD
    Your Best Value – Save 24%

Right now, you can get a FREE MONTH of Pure Flix! If you want to cancel prior to the end of the month, so that your subscription will not renew, simply let them know. It’s that easy. But if you choose to keep the subscription, you will have access to over 1,500 videos at this moment, with more on the way!





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