How to Achieve a Breakthrough & Organize Your Homeschool


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Ever since I started homeschooling our children, I have been on the lookout for something that would help me organize our homeschool. Over the past few years, I have had countless lesson planning books, attendance sheets, calendars and many other planners of sorts. All in the hopes that I would be able to finally organize everything in one place. It never happened. What did happen was that our kitchen counter (aka office) became cluttered with piles of papers, work to be graded, and a planner for everything in between. There had to be a better way. I needed to achieve a breakthrough and organize our homeschool, and quickly!

As a blogger and lover of all things technological, I had hoped that one day I would find some kind of software that would do everything that I was attempting to do. I looked for years to find the right product. Even the ones that said they did everything, were either so convoluted, or just too difficult to use because the software that controlled it, was not up to par. I wanted something that had a clean look, great interface, and a company that stood behind their product and were available to answer any questions I might have.

Last year, I found it! Enter Homeschool Minder.


At first, it looked too good to be true. A clean interface, a seemingly easy to use system for record-keeping, and a way to print out awesome, professional looking reports. I can tell you that after a year, it was not too good to be true. It was and is the real deal. And so is the company.

Last year, I was given the option to do a blog post to promote the product, in return for a yearly membership. I jumped at the chance, even though I was fully prepared to pay the nominal fee regardless of their offer. I wanted to see if it did everything that they claimed it did. Not only did it live up to their claims, it lived up to my expectations.

Once again, I am sharing about their product in return for a subscription, but this time it is because I firmly believe in what they offer and who they are. The owners of Homeschool Minder are involved in everything, and that includes monitoring their wonderful Facebook page. I frequently visit the page to either ask questions or to make suggestions on how they can better the product. As a homeschooling parent, who knows better what is needed than those who are in the trenches?

The greatest thing is that they listen. And not only do they listen, they answer right away and if it is a suggestion, they will go directly to their developers and get them started on implementation. Many of the new features that were implemented this year came directly from users who offered their ideas on the Facebook page.

So what can Homeschool Minder offer you?

lessons     goals


reporting     configuration



So now you can see how I achieved that breakthrough! Our homeschooling records have never been so organized. My absolute favorite aspects of the software is that I now have the ability to keep logs of what my children have read throughout the year, any field trips or homeschool group activities they have taken part in, and community service projects. Those types of things will be essential once my children get to their high school years.

The pricing for Homeschool Minder is as follows:


$4.99 each month


$39.99 each month.

This is what you get for the monthly or yearly price:

Unlimited Students

Unlimited Assignments

Unlimited Lesson Plans

Every Report

I say that is a great deal! Think of all the planners you do not need to print out or buy. And if you print them out, think of the cost of the ink alone! Been there, done that. Never again! I highly suggest you try Homeschool Minder out and see if it helps you like it helped me.

Don’t want to wait and want to get started organizing your homeschool today? The great people at Homeschool Minder have given me a special promo code for only readers of Guard the Door for the life of your subscription. Yes, you read that correctly! 20% off for the life of your subscription! How cool is that? I told you they are a great company! Here is the promo code! 14GTD20

Are you ready to achieve a breakthrough and organize your homeschool? Visit me on Facebook and share your stories with me!





  • Jeanni

    I am all for organization and simplicity! I know it has been such a huge help and I hope some of my homeschooling friends out there will take advantage of the discount. It is an amazing deal. 🙂

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