The Man Who Left the 99 to Look For the 1


Wow. I know we all knew this day would eventually come, as it does for all of us, but somehow when it is real, it is much more impactful. I am finding myself at a loss for words over the death of this man who I did not know personally, but who had such tremendous impact on my life. I am overwhelmed with how infinitely amazing our God is, that even though Billy Graham is no longer in the earthly realm, his legacy remains.

Even something as simple as his age has struck a chord in me. Yes, it is amazing that God felt that Reverend Graham’s job on earth was not complete until today. In fact, when he was 75, he thought Jesus would take him home. But what Reverend Graham understood was that it was never going to be in his own timing, but in HIS timing. So yes, he lived until 99 and that is awesome, but that number has significance.

Reverend Graham lived his entire life devoted to the calling God placed on him when he was 15. He was to go out and proclaim the gospel. He was to seek out those who did not know Jesus and share the truth, love, and mercy of our God. The numbers didn’t matter to him. The souls that God reached through him, mattered. And so, like the shepherd that would leave his flock of 99, Reverend Graham sought out and went after in search of the 1 who was lost.

He left the 99. And now, he has left us, at the age of 99 and is with the One who gave all for him. God does not work in coincidences. This was divinely orchestrated. There is a message for us all.

I started thinking this morning during my quiet time, of the lives that were impacted because he was willing to answer the call. We all are commanded to go and make disciples. To further His kingdom. I cannot think of one modern day person who has been used to further God’s kingdom, than Rev. Graham. Then, I asked myself, “What am I doing to further God’s kingdom? If I am willing to step out in faith and participate in the Great Commission, how many lives will God use through me?” I thought about yesterday when we had our Leadership Gathering to mobilize an army of godly warrior women who will help bring women in their communities to an event where God will show Himself in mighty ways. The goal? Seek out the 1. I thought about the many times I have had conversations with my children about their faith in Jesus and that everything we have is because of Him. I thought about how my husband and I can equip and empower our children to share the love and grace that is available to all. To reach the 1. And then it dawned on me.

In our own ways, with purpose and provision from God, we are working to further the kingdom of God. It may not look like it did for Reverend Graham with big platforms, but in the eyes of God, it is all good.

Although I am saddened that he is no longer among us, he is home. Right where he always dreamed of being. It is my hope that people are energized and moved by the legacy of a man who lived his life for the One who gave him his own. .

What role could you play in furthering the Kingdom of God? What is God calling you to be involved in or a part of that will bring others to Christ?

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