Review: Minted… Be Extraordinary!

mintedHow in the world did I never hear about this amazing website? A few of my wiser friends had (evidenced by their like of the Minted Facebook page), but I didn’t. Now that I know about it, I am hooked. What is Minted, you might be asking…

Minted is a website that offers artists and designers across the country the opportunity to showcase their work in a way that connects with consumers. Being that it is getting closer to the holidays, I began my search for “the” perfect Christmas card to send out this year. After looking at the new designs that are being offered on the Minted site, I am having trouble deciding which one I will choose. There are so many amazing designs that this year is going to be a tough one, but I know the one I pick will be beautiful! Here are a few of the designs that are at the top of my list!




Aren’t these cards gorgeous? I think they are. You can purchase the cards flat or folded, with embellishments, on different kinds of paper and with customized sayings. Minted also offers holiday cards for businesses as well. My favorites are the cards that capture a certain metropolitan city, like New York City. These cards just remind me of home!

MIN-FN9-HCP-001_A_PDMost designs on Minted, also offer the option of different shapes and font colors. Think about it! Your holiday cards this year won’t look like anyone else’s and just be thrown on a stack of mail. Your cards will become unique gifts that will be treasured by those who receive them.

But don’t think for a minute that Minted only offers holiday-related items! Minted offers so much more! Whether it’s cards for all different occasions, wedding invitations, baby announcements, party decorations, stationery, or gifts, Minted is your one stop shop for all of them! Here’s a sample of their wedding items!


I cannot wait to order my Christmas cards this year! Don’t delay! Before you know it, the season will be upon us, you will be rushing around and will end up with just an ordinary card. Why be just ordinary this year, when you can be extraordinary?

This post is sponsored by I received a Minted credit for inΒ exchange for my time and honest review. I only share products with you that I believe in 100%!

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