Saving Money is Easy with Groupon Coupons

I don’t know about you but it seems like as soon as the money comes in, it goes back out. With the rising cost of utilities, groceries, and other essentials, it is even more important to be savvy about how and where you spend your money. I will admit, I am not great when it comes to traditional couponing. Meaning that I have to buy an actual newspaper (does anyone do that anymore?) and then remember to clip the coupons in a timely manner. Usually by the time I do that, the coupons have expired. But what I am able to do is save money on items that I purchase online. Think about it. If I am going to purchase certain items anyway, why not save money in the process? It seems like a smart decision to me.

So, how do I do it?

I use Groupon Coupons. Yes, Groupon Coupons is from the same company that brings you the awesome Groupon app that has saved me a bunch of money on everything from acupuncture, museum passes, and concerts.

But how does Groupon Coupons work?

It’s easy! All you have to do is visit their site via your pc or mobile app. I love to use the mobile app because it helps even when I am on the go, which this homeschooling mom always is! I simply click into the Groupon app and where it gives you menu options at the top, swipe to the right for ‘coupons”. (I bet most of you didn’t even realize that it was even there!) Once there, you simply click it and then hit ‘get started’. This morning it brought up two businesses in my area, Walgreens and Dunkin Donuts (yea!) that have coupons available. When I clicked on the Dunkin Donuts link, it gave me the option to receive a free medium beverage if I sign up for the Dunkin Donuts email updates. Since I go to Dunkin Donuts every Sunday for church, this is perfect! So easy and cha-ching! Saves me money on my coffee, which is always a good thing.

But what if you are in the market for something else and you don’t want to sign up for anything? Most Groupon Coupons do not require anything but a click of a coupon code. Valentine’s Day is coming up which means more spending. Did you know that the amount spent on Valentine’s Day is more than is spent all year? Crazy! Now it won’t hurt as much with the help of Groupon Coupons because you can look for your favorite stores online and Groupon Coupons will tell you how much you can save and how. Why walk into a Target brick and mortar store when you can order online, have it shipped and save money at the same time? Right now if you click on Target, they have several money saving options available in time for Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter. And if you happen to be a student or a teacher, definitely check out Groupon Coupons’ section specifically set aside for special discounts available to you. There is also a ‘featured coupons’ section with specially selected current offers.

Saving money has never been easier!

To start saving, please visit Groupon Coupons. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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