Sometimes a Classic Song Says It All


I was working on my old desktop and decided to hook up my external hard drive where I keep all my music.  We’ve got some really great stuff on there, things I haven’t listened to in a long time.  I forgot how many amazing Christian artists I have on there, some are actually my favorites.  You know how it is. It’s like with digital pictures. You take tons of them but only a few get printed.  It’s the same with my music, which really shouldn’t be because our house is always full of music! As I scanned through the hard drive I found music from Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, Amy Grant, Steve Camp, Michael English and Russ Taff.

I love all of them, so why are they on a hard drive and not on my ipod?  Oh, the older music has been replaced by great music by Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me.  But those early albums were what shaped my early years as a Christian.  In fact one of the songs was playing when I walked into a Christian bookstore to buy a bible and re-dedicate my life to Christ.  It was Steven Curtis Chapman’s ‘When You Are A Soldier’. Music has always played such an important role in my walk and now in that of our children.

It’s time to dust off that hard drive and give these classic albums new life and the respect they deserve.  Maybe you have some that you need to dust off as well.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you will one of my favorites.  Russ Taff singing, I Cry.  Forget the music, the words are so powerful.  Enjoy!

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