Who is Ready for Summer? I am…

Who is ready for #summerSummer and I have a love-love relationship. There is not one thing I don’t like about summer. Well, maybe that’s not completely true. I don’t like those nasty June bugs or love bugs. Other than that, I LOVE summer!

Now winter is a WHOLE other story. I don’t even like the word because it reminds me of living back up north and having to deal with gray skies every day and that four letter word. SNOW. I would say I hate snow, but my dad always told me not to use the word hate, so I “dislike it intensely”. Winter makes me sad. Gray skies depress me. It feels like the whole world stops because it is winter, and in many cases, it kind of does. The plants either die or go to sleep and everything just looks blah. I know God has that happen for a reason, but I moved south so that I didn’t have to deal with it as much.

I don’t think I moved far enough south.

This winter has been one of the coldest that I remember in South Carolina. It has also been the most gray I ever remember. I miss the sunshine. I miss the warmth of the sun even when it is still chilly out. (If you have ever been in the south, you will understand what I mean) I know when I lived up north, I probably had Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I never figured I might possibly have it in sunny South Carolina. They call it SAD for a good reason!

Today, even the schools were closed! Why? A possible freezing rain/ice situation. WHAT? C’mon now. It is time for my flip flops!

Even our local homeschool group is feeling the effects. We can’t plan any outdoor activities because the daily highs have been ranging in the 30’s to low 50’s and of course, everyone is getting sick. My kids are going stir crazy which makes for one stir crazy mama! Needless to say, every indoor facility that lets our children run, jump, or skate this winter is making lots of money off of us! And Starbucks.

I’m probably just saying what everyone else is thinking… GO AWAY WINTER!!! We are done with you! And just like one of our local police stations did, put Elsa in handcuffs and be gone with her too!

Are you done?

But for now I guess, I will turn on my space heater, put on my flip flops and pretend my feet are in the sand.

Who is with me?

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  • Lisa

    Totally with you on this. Luckily we’re getting close to spring! I love seeing everything come alive and bloom again. Hang in there – it can’t be long before you’re warm again in SC! 🙂

  • guardthedoor

    Very true! I am hoping it will be very soon! We had to cancel a field trip for today because they said we might have black ice again. Crazy weather we are having! Have a great day!

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