Why I Love WestJet’s Christmas Miracles Video Every Year

Why I Love WestJet's Christmas Miracles Video Every Year(1)Every year, I eagerly await the arrival of WestJet’s Christmas Miracles video. Why? The video reminds me of what the season and holiday is truly about. It’s not about what we get, but what we give. It could be something big that is given like a trip, or it could be as simple as a plate of food for someone who has none. While WestJet has been participating in their Christmas Miracles campaign for years, it came to my attention last year and I was hooked. And just so you know, I’m not writing this because I am sponsored by them, or have any affiliation whatsoever with them. I simply appreciate what they do every year.

I also love their Christmas Miracles video from a business point of view. It is brilliant marketing and is so well done. Anyone in business can see how it grabs the consumer and won’t let them go. But this is different. Yes, it makes you want to fly WestJet (I wish they flew out of my town), but it also makes people think about ways they can become part of someone’s Christmas Miracle.  This year, WestJet wanted to grant 12,000 wishes in a 24 hour period on December 9, 2015. They easily handled that on their own. They also asked for submissions from the public using Twitter or Instagram and asked participants to use the hashtag #WestJetChristmas. The total for the day was 31, 793 Christmas mini miracles.

From a marketing perspective it is amazing, but in terms of humanity and compassion, it is outstanding. 31,793 individuals or families were beneficiaries of a miracle, and that is great news! With so much negativity on the tv and social media, it is so refreshing to be able to hear and see, something that makes our hearts sing.

So, here you go! ENJOY this video!

I cannot wait to see what next year’s campaign will be and how they will want the public to interact with it. Way to go, WestJet! My hat is off to you for a job well done, once again!



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